09 Jun

Take These Words to Heart

Passage: Revelation 1:1-20

Speaker: Patrick King

Series: Dear Church: Letters from Revelation

There are particular moments in life when we seem to see and think and understand more clearly. Moments when time stands still and we are especially present; focused, but not rushed. Moments that break us out of monotony and give us new perspective to engage with the ordinary. The book of Revelation is a moment like this in written form. Although clouded with speculation and misguided intrigue, it is the revelation of Jesus and a spectacular gift that awakes us to the reality that God is on his throne right now. As one pastor explained, “the intent of Revelation is to put us on our knees before God in Worship and to set the salvation-shaping words of God in motion in our lives.” In the first chapter of Revelation we learn that the one who reads these words aloud, hears it, and takes to heart what is written is blessed. Join us in reading, hearing, and taking to heart these words from the first three chapters of Revelation in our sermon series, Dear Church: Letters from Revelation.

A helpful resource for understanding the book of Revelation as a whole is a short video created by The Bible Project. Check it out here.