Our Purpose

Covenant Church exists to make disciples of Jesus who love God and love our neighbors because of Jesus’s love for us.

Our Practices

Rooted in the gospel

We are a community shaped by, centered on, and flourishing in the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Renewed by worship

We intentionally participate in weekly corporate worship, renewing our connection and commitment to God and one another as we celebrate the hope of the gospel in word and sacrament. 

Welcoming into community 

We are a hospitable home seeking to be an intergenerational and multicultural community where everyone can be seen, known, and loved. 

Growing as disciples

We seek the transformation of our hearts, souls, minds, and strength through a reordering of our loves and habits as we mature into disciples who make disciples.

Blessing our neighborhood and city

We seek to give mercy and promote biblical justice for the flourishing of our neighbors.

Going into the world

We go into the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples of all nations.