02 Oct

Renewed by Worship

Passage: Matthew 16:13-21

Speaker: Patrick King


Read Matthew 16:13-21. What surprises, encourages, or sparks questions for you?

In verse 15, Jesus asks the disciples, “But what about you?… Who do you say I am?” What are some of the ways people you know answer this question? Although it’s not always expressed this way by non-Christians, Jesus is either a lunatic, liar, or Lord. How have you wrestled with the implications of your answer to who Jesus is? Consider Daniel 7:13-14; Philippians 2:6-11; and Colossians 1:15-20.

Our purpose at Covenant is: “to make disciples of Jesus who love God and love our neighbors because of Jesus’s love for us.” One practice of ours towards this purpose is being renewed by worship: “We intentionally participate in weekly corporate worship, renewing our connection and commitment to God and one another as we celebrate the hope of the gospel in word and sacrament. How do you see this happening well at Covenant and in your life personally? In what ways could you see this being done even more in our church family and in your personal life? To see all of our practices, go to https://covenantsd.org/vision-values/

The church is the gathered, believing, powerful, and hospitable people of God. How do you see this descriptions exemplified in the Bible? How are these characteristics expressed in Matthew 16:13-21? How are these qualities of the church an encouragement or challenge to you?

Reflect on the various elements of our worship service: Call to Worship, singing, Confession of Sin and Word of Encouragement, the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed, Sermon, Lord’s Prayer, Communion, Benediction. In what ways can these various elements renew us each Sunday?

What from this passage do you need to remember, rejoice in, request, or repent of?


Share with your group how they can be praying for you: what is weighing on you from this past week? What are you praising God for from this past week?