05 Jun



Passage: Acts 2:1-13

Speaker: Patrick King


After Jesus ascended to heaven, he left his disciples with a sizable task. Jesus’ final instruction to them was to go and be his witnesses to the end of the earth. In other words, Jesus asked his disciples to take his gospel— not to just Jerusalem and the surrounding area—but to the whole world. How would they do this? It’s important to remember Christ’s promise to them; they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon them. Taking the gospel to the whole world wouldn’t be possible without the enabling power and the preparation of the Holy Spirit. But in addition to this, God gave his people a head start from the onset. The event that we know as Pentecost served as a springboard to spreading the gospel around the world. Pentecost was an annual festival that was also known as the Feast of Harvests. It was a celebration of thanksgiving for the provisions which God had provided all year, and it drew people from all over the known world. What better way to take the gospel to the world than to first bring the world to you? During this festival, people from many nations, tribes, and tongues gathered and bore witness to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And through the Holy Spirit’s power, believers were miraculously able to speak in languages which moments before served as a barrier. The Holy Spirit—God’s promised, abiding presence—breaks down barriers and enables and empowers believers worldwide to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


From the sermon or your direct reading of Acts 2:1-13, share something that surprises, encourages, or troubles you.

Read Genesis 11:1-9, the account of the Tower at Babel. Do you see any connection between that account and the account of Pentecost? If so, what might that connection be?

Read John 14:15-17, the account of Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse. While Jesus was addressing his disciples and preparing them for the days ahead, in what ways was he also preparing all believers for generations to follow?

If there’s one thing Jesus would want you to walk away believing and receiving as a result of this portion of Scripture, what is that thing?


What can you praise God for this week?
From the past week, where are you longing to see God’s redemption?