19 Mar

Jesus the Healer

Passage: Mark 8:22-30

The Lord sets prisoners free, the Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous. Psalm 146:7-8


How have you encountered the healing of Jesus this week?

Read Mark 8:22-30. What ideas or phrases surprise, encourage, or spark questions for you?

How have you wrestled with doubt in your own life or with others close to you?

What does this passage teach us about Jesus? As he goes on to ask his disciples, “who do you say that I am,” how is your answer to that question shaped by Mark 8:22-25?

Deconstruction can often mean actually demolition, but it can also be part of needed reconstruction, refinement, and clearly understanding. Kaizen is the process of continuous improvement. We are justified (saved) by faith alone and we are continuously improved (sanctified) by faith alone. How have you experienced this learning process as you follow Jesus?

The blind man is brought to Jesus by some people. Who has brought you to Jesus, who is bringing you to Jesus, and who are you bringing to Jesus?

What are the challenges to practicing honesty with God and with others about our need for healing? Consider the example of the blind man receiving help from his friends, answering Jesus honesty, and responding with quiet obedience. What does this look like in your life, in your family, community group, our church?


Share with your group how they can be praying for you: what is weighing on you from this past week? What are you praising God for from this past week?

Saving Lord, you save me from sin by Christ’s death, but you also raise me with him to a new life. Because I am grafted into Christ, strengthen me this day to walk in that new life, producing good fruit of gratitude. Amen (Heidelberg Catechism 64)