24 Nov

Distress, Deliverance, Doxology

Passage: Psalms 120-122

Speaker: Doug Webster

Opening Question

When have you felt “small” in a good way in response to creation?

Read Psalms 120-122

  1. From the Scripture passages share something that surprises, encourages, or confuses you.
  2. How might praying Psalm 120 in the morning, Psalm 121 in the middle of the day, and Psalm 122 in the evening impact or shape your day?
  3. Psalm 120 begins by addressing the distress the psalmist is facing. What is it that you are wanting to be saved from? What is distressing you – inwardly and outwardly?
  4. How can we be for peace in our families, neighborhoods, politics, hobbies, work places, and at play? How does the source of our peace shape what this looks like?
  5. Lesslie Newbigin, a missionary in India, was once asked if he was an optimist or pessimist. He responded that he was neither and explained, “I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” What do you think of Newbigin’s response? How do these psalms shape our outlook on life?
  6. Who is able to say, “let us go to the house of the LORD” to you? Who can you say this to? How does worship in community address what is distressing you and remind you of God’s glory?