16 Jul

Marlin and Grace VanNortwick

The VanNortwick family lives and serves at Indian Hills Camp (IHC) in Jamul. Marlin, an elder at our church, is on permanent staff with IHC. The camp is dedicated to sharing God’s love with kids who are often on the margins of our society. Many of this summer’s 1200+ campers came from single parent homes, refugee families, or urban areas like City Heights. Since 2008, Indian Hills has been committed to offering this opportunity to hear the gospel for FREE! Approximately 100 high school/college students volunteer their time and pay at Indian Hills to serve as summer staffers and to grow in their walk with the Lord. Marlin invests in these young people’s lives; he works in the Program Dept., leads Team Staff projects, and he is IHC’s Weekend Manager. This summer, one of their sons, Luke was called on to counsel for 2 weeks, Grace served lunches at the pool, and their daughter C.C. (aka Plumeria) put her artistic talents to use beautifying the stage. It was a fruitful camp season witnessing over 200 decisions for Christ!

With the coming of fall, IHC will host 6th grade camps, school field trips, and Marlin will oversee weekend church groups. Grace will return to teaching middle school at Trinity Christian, C.C. will be a senior at Foothills Christian High School and Luke will be graduating from San Diego Christian College in December. Marlin and Grace’s two older sons are both married. Nate and his wife, Tammy, live in the Bay Area while Josh, his wife, Emily, and their son, James, attend our church. Please pray for the VanNortwick family as they continue to serve at Indian Hills Camp.

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